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10 Unexplored Destinations In India You Must Visit Before You Die.

 Expect anything unexpected in India but don't dare to expect the expected!

From New Delhi to Kolkata, Shimla to the Thar Desert, India offers diverse landscape, climate, and cultures. There’s a reason India is often called (sub-)continent – it describes the scale much better than just ‘country’, although some might even consider it a world of its own.

   India offers an amazing wealth of the hidden gems and it is always best to explore the unexplored! 

All of us must have been to the places which are in limelight and famous for their scenic beauty. Now try these 10 rare known places our country offers for holidaying in India. You must visit these destinations at least once in your lifetime!

1. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Hidden deep in the rain forests of Arunachal Pradesh in the North East lies the village of Ziro. Pine clad hills and rice fields all around Ziro is home to the Apatani tribies.  During the farming season, tourists can take part and observe the rice cum fish cultivation, where fish is reared in the rice fields.

Ziro is famous for it's music festival. The festival is spread over four days and has featured artists like Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, Louw Majaw, Sha'air n Func, Indus Creed, Peter Cat Recording Co, Menwhopause, Guru Rewben Mashangva, and Barmer Boys among others! For epic nights and splendid vibes, do not miss out the #Zirofestival 

2. Dachigam National Park, Jammu And Kashmir

India's northernmost and most elevated reserve, Dachigam is a national treasure nestled in the beautiful and troubled state of Kashmir. It is home to the rare Hangul(Red Stag) species of deer. According to a survey done in 2011, only about 300 of them live today. The name of the park literally stands for "ten villages" which could be in memory of the ten villages that were relocated for it's formation. Isn't it just beautiful? 

3. Rakhigarhi, Haryana - The largest Harappan site

The world's largest Indus Valley Civiliazation site - Rakhigarhi! Yes, it's  bigger than Mohenjo-Daro, yet unsung.  The size and uniqueness of Rakhigarhi has drawn much attention of archaeologists all over the world. It is nearer to Delhi, indicating the spread of Indus Valley Civilization up to this distance of North India. So when are you planning your visit to this historical place? 

4. Butterfly Beach, Goa

The beach is a secret. The most secluded beach in Goa, this surreal beach is located at one end of Palolem beach. You would need to take a ferry to reach Butterfly beach from Palolem beach. The sands here are perfectly white and the water translucent. There is no access to the beach by road since the area is heavily forested. One can take a 2 hour trek through the forest. It's a hub for private rave parties and also an advantage for the romantic couples ;) 

5. Nubra Valley, Ladakh : The Moon-Land 

" As the sun sets down, we await for our lovely stay in the camp under the starry sky."

Surrounded by snowcapped Himalayan ranges, Nubra valley lies sandwiched between Tibet and Kashmir. The view of the valley is picturesque and breathtaking. During winter, the whole valley looks like landscape of the moon (reason for calling Moonland) and in summer full of greenery. The beauty it beholds can't be recaptured in a single picture. 

6. Rann Of Kutchh

The best plan for this summer would be to lie down in the largest salt marsh in the world and look at stars, and do nothing at all other than that. “The Great Rann of Kutch” is symbolic of the grandness of its beauty. Located in the state of Gujarat, it ranks among the largest salt deserts in the world. the Kutch district which is covered in white sands and salty marshes, is home to the Rann Utsav, a three month long festival, seeped deep into the colorful culture and heritage of Gujarat and the white sands of the desert, that turn into a canvas for the festivities to fill the colors into.

7. Ki Monastery, Lahaul and Spiti District 

Ki Monastery or Key Gompa is also spelled Ki, Kye or Kee. 

The spectacular monastery is located at a height of 4116m and 7km from Kaza. It is the largest monastery in Spiti Valley, established in the 11th century has ancient Buddhist scrolls and paintings. It is also home to a large number of Buddhist monks and nuns. 

It is a spiritual place rich in culture and surrounded by the beautiful landscape in the toughest terrain. It is a religious training centre for Lamas. It reportedly had 100 monks in 1855.

8. Wayanad, Kerela

Yet another unexplored place in Kerala, Wayanad is one of the northern districts of kerala.

Foreign travellers stop here on the bus route between Mysore, Bangalore, Ooty and Kerala, but it’s still fantastically unspoilt and satisfyingly remote. It's also an excellent place to spot wild elephants.  Places to visit in Wayanad are Chembra peak, Banasura Sagar Dam, Thiruneilli Temple, Lakidi View Point, Jain Temple, Puliyarmala Jain Temple, Edakkal Caves, Soochipara falls and many more!

9. Lonar, Maharashtra 

Lonar Sarovar, the only salt water lake formed in the basaltic rock in the world, formed due to meteorite hit 52,000 years ago is mysterious, yet splendid. This beautiful lake is surrounded by ancient temples and thick forests. This circular lake is definitely worth a visit. 

10.  Hoggenakal, Tamil Nadu

 This place looks like a mini Niagara Falls. The height is not much. But the density of the water and the force is quite high. Being located in the junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, this place is an amazing tourist spot. The river Cauvery falls down here as Hogenakkal falls. The left half belongs to Karnataka and the right belongs to Tamil Nadu. This is a haven for meat eaters especially fish eaters, with the freshly captured fishes cooked as Bajji’s (fried fishes with wheat dough) and served hot on the spot.

Each day in India is an adventure. You can’t guess what awaits you. But, at the same time, India has wide-open quiet spaces that many don’t travel to. You can find your peace in nature. You are distanced by nothing. Not language, caste, creed or regionality.

It is all these things at once – and it’s incredible. 

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