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In India, it can be awfully challenging for visitors to get the authentic Indian experience, unless you’re on a five star budget or staying with family or friends.  Which is why we want your stay to feel like you’re going to see your friends in India – the journey must be quintessentially Indian – informal, magical, flexible and unpredictable – an Odyssey full of several mini-adventures.  We try to offer experiences that diverge from the more conventional and crowded tourist traps.


For instance, we customize trips to include a variety of experiences such as:


  • A tree-house in a Tiger National Reserve (Bandhavgarh)

  • Tea on the balcony of an ancient Fort atop a hill (Neemrana)

  • Fresh orange juice & golden fried prawns on the beach (Goa)

  • Lunch al fresco overlooking the Taj Mahal (Agra)

  • Camp-out in the desert after a Camel Safari (Jaisalmer)

  • A cottage on a tea plantation (Darjeeling)

  • A hike in the Himalayas (Leh)

  • Coconut water & fresh fish on a houseboat (Backwaters of Kerela)


Here are some of the most popular adventures:


indian holiday
overseas adventure travel in india
Camel safari from our Jaipur hotel
Kerala India Houseboat
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