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We are a group of diverse professionals formerly or currently working in fields such as photography, film, finance, travel, music, real estate and law.


Amongst our full time and part time staff, we speak 10 different languages, play 10 different musical instruments, are adept at 10 different sports and have traveled throughout all 10 (OK - 7) continents and within the deep depths of India.  As can be the case in this country, many of us are somehow related.  We are bright, international, versatile and share one thing in common – a lust for life, food, fun and adventure.  What we are not is modest. 


Say hello to our staff below!

Pranav (aka Head) founded GIA to give travelers the best possible India experience. He is known as Head not because he holds this position on the organizational chart, but due to the unusually large size of his head. He can think of no better job than voyaging around this spectacular country, showing people what he hopes is going to be the trip of a lifetime. Pranav has lived in Delhi, Rome, Hawaii and New York City. He speaks 5 languages, adores the outdoors and the blues, plays guitar, tennis, sings and will go to any lengths to find fantastic food in any part of the country.

A woman of diverse talents and skills, Nandita is Co Founder of GIA and heads up operations from the Manhattan outpost.  Nandita’s love for people, culture, food, and excitement as well as her deep knowledge of global travel blend seamlessly into her crafting of one of a kind, personally tailored adventures for her clients.

The engine, the fire, the late night worker, and overall setter-upper of trips, bookings, adventures, all sorts of vehicles, and the like.  If you need to have the best routes from point A to point B, and then throw in points C, D and F, Ram is the guy to figure it out.  Also, a conversation with Ram will certainly involve stories of his fantastic son (the little Prince).

Rishi is a music producer, writer and DJ (also a former Chef and landscaper) and is now writer for the GIA staff. Little is known of his origin, other than the fact that he was born in New Delhi and that he has spent many years in solitude on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii where he finally found his peace. 

An intrepid soul, Bec grew up in America, but has called Melbourne her home for over a decade. 


Her Husband Mohit (in pic) hails from India, and together they have shared Rich experiences ranging from intimate family meals in Rural India, hiking the Himalayas to paddle boarding their way through the back waters and remote beaches of Southern India. 


Bec often leans on Mohit's Insights when crafting travel plans to ensure there is always an element of discovery and authenticy that one would not experience with out a rich network and access into the social fabric of India.   

Saudamini is the quintessential traveler, whose forte is the diligent practice of the art of budget traveling in India, which is no mean feat. Saudamini's interests including film-making, photography, and music (she possesses an absolutely golden voice.) Saudamini is a yoga instructor by profession and has practiced and taught in New York, San Francisco and in India. She is a wonderful co-traveler – laid back, knowledgeable, enterprising and adventuresome.

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