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Haus Khas Village is Delhi’s hottest spot right now - set against a 12th-century backdrop within an actual village.


Whether it be designer boutique outlets, art, alternative books, exotic food or numerous watering holes, Hauz Khas village has it all and more.


At O Layla you can find quirky clothes and accessories made from recycled waste materialin an effort to utilize old handmade techniques. The People’s Project has things from artisans across India - it is run by the Happy Hands foundation.


Delhi Art Gallery is one of New Delhi’s oldest, and owns its entire collection of India’s pre-moderns, moderns and contemporary artists. Yodakinis a store for alternative books, periodicals, music and cinema by independent publishers, record labels/musicians and filmmakers.


Ahana Organic is a family-owned farm that grows rice, grains, pulses, herbs, spices and fruits. They also concoct essential oils, pickles, and condiments.


Some of the more famous boutique outlets include, Ritu Kumar & Ogaan. Natural Selection is an excellent space to browse for larger items like antique furniture. Hauz Khas has a number of shops that specialize in vintage movie posters; you can find originals or copies of some really rare movie posters.


Flipside Café – great coffee, fresh pies, cakes, Wi-Fi & a very nice space. Elma’s offers a variety of exotic teas and excellent baked goodies, next door - great sandwiches at Edward’s.

Hauz Khas Village plays host to a variety of cuisines, from Nepalese (Yeti), Italian (Diva), South Indian (Gun Powder), Mediterranean (Imperfecto), Pan-Asian, Burgers (Fork You) etc. Some of them overlook Deer Park – an extensive park dotted with deer. The park has a great (khas) reservoir of water (hauz), built by Ala-Ud-Din-Khilji in the 13th century, from where the village borrows its name.


If you are from out of town and want to go out, Hauz Khas Village is your best option. It’s perhaps the only place in Delhi, whichoffers the possibility of bar hopping. It is honestly a greatoptionfortourists and locals alike. It offers a very eclectic / alternative crowd of people, very different from what you would usually come across in Delhi. There are countless resto-bars  (restaurant bars) ranging from little boutique restaurants, to fine dining to bohemian cafes etc. The place is buzzing pretty much every evening. It is also a great spot for music with most of the venues hosting events through out the week. You can find all kinds of music related events ranging from Reggae, Ska, Dubsteb, Techno, Drum & Bass.



There is one particular venue that was the catalystfor Huaz Khas Village’s musical explosion, The Living Room (TLR). This is where it all began. Initially offering an open mic for anyone to perform, this soon turned into the stage for some of the current hottest acts to debut. These parties were just epic. Many other places have followed TLR’s formula, but have not reached the same level. If you want to out for a drink, here are your options – TLR (Music), Raasta (Music), Out of The Box (Music), Boehme, Amour and Fork You. This is an area you could come to alone and actually end up meeting some really cool and interesting people from all over the world.



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