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In India, everything is an adventure – whether it’s going to buy vegetables, driving in the city, going to a restaurant, attending a wedding & above all else, travelling.


So in a country that is so stupendously vast, so breathtakingly beautiful, so astonishingly affordable, so mind-numbingly diverse, so magnificently rich, and so magically chaotic -  why is Travel to India so darn inconvenient?

This question prompted the founding of the Great Indian Adventure in 2008 and has driven the creation of custom trips to unique clientele since that time. 

Your Indian Holiday  with the Great Indian Adventure; you will have access to all the facilities, experiences, connections & adventures that the people of India can take advantage of- almost as if you were visiting friends!


We invite you to learn more about India Travel, how we work, meet our team, explore the Adventures in store for you and check out the previous guests' experiences and pictures on our Memories page. Also look at our definitive India Travel Guide on our recently added Blog Page.



India Travel - Rajasthan
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